These are of course unprecedented times, and the health of the nation is at the forefront of almost everyone’s thoughts.  Sadly however, pre-existing and new health concerns continue to exist to the same, if not potentially a greater, extent during a time of global pandemic.  Eating disorders will not disappear, and it will remain imperative to seek support when it is required.  In fact at a time when mental health is widely recognised to be at severe risk, eating disorders could be exacerbated.

The London Centre, though not currently able to offer face-to-face appointments, is still offering sessions via telephone, Skype or Zoom. Treatment can easily be adapted to work really well remotely and we see it as important now more than ever, that people who have concerns over their eating or mental health seek specialist support.

We are taking on new referrals so please do contact our Team PA Kerry to arrange an initial assessment appointment on

Eating disorders and COVID-19

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