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10 warning signs that you may be struggling with anorexia nervosa

10 warning signs that you may be  struggling with anorexia nervosa


1. You constantly try to restrict the amount of food you are eating.

2. You have ‘banned food’, usually carbohydrates or high calorie foods that you never allow yourself to eat.

3. Your weight has dropped to the point where others can notice that you have lost weight.

4. You experience an intense or persistent fear of putting on weight.

5. You find it difficult to concentrate and spent a lot of time feeling distracted by thoughts about food, weight or eating.

6. You have experienced mood changes or mood swings, or you may experience a very flat mood, with loss of recognizable mood states.

7. You find it difficult or anxiety provoking to eat with other people.

8. You always notice what other people are eating and would never consider eating more than they are.

9. You feel cold often, even when others around you aren’t.

10. You have noticed changes to your hair or skin such as hair loss, dry skin or weak nails.

By Dr Bryony Bamford

10 warning signs that you might be suffering from bulimia nervosa

1. You feel almost constantly preoccupied or concerned with your body weight and shape.

2. You regularly diet or make attempts to burn or lose calories after you have eaten something that you think you shouldn’t have.

3. You experience guilt or shame following over-eating or deviation from an eating plan.

4. You fear that eating even a small amount of food will trigger an episode of excessive eating

5. You make excessive attempts to control your weight or you engaging in unwanted behaviours to counteract the effects of eating.

6. You have experienced eating until you feel uncomfortably full

7. You have eaten with the intention of getting rid of the calories you have consumed at a later point

8. You experience constant dissatisfaction with weight, or anxiety about weight gain

9. You believe that weight is central to how others view you and to your self worth. If you gain weight, you fear that others will judge or view you differently

10. You make significant efforts to keep many of your eaten patterns a secret from others, and feel ashamed or worried about others knowing what you do.

First blog post

From this week The London Centre will be starting our weekly blog item.  We will aim to cover facts, stats, educational items and recovery stories.

We hope that this will be interesting to those of you who want to find more information about eating disorders, body image distress, depression, low self esteem and anxiety.