I am very privileged to have received your help and truly believe it is the best help I have ever received.



I will forever be grateful for what you have helped me achieve. I would never have been able to shift my beliefs of myself without your input. You have saved me from living a life of severe self hatred, hiding from emotions and needing my eating disorder to survive. Because of your help I no longer have to hide how I feel, no longer need to have my eating disorder, and have the ability of a second chance of life



Thank you for helping me get my life back!



Many thanks for your support, positivity and belief in me during this period of therapy.  It is so amazing to feel completely unrecognisable to the girl who came to you, and that everyone close to me can notice the incredible, positive change. I have finally come to a place where I am happy, healthy and at peace, and am so thankful for everything.



Obviously life is full of ups and downs, but I do think Im a lot better.  I’m full of life again, and living again, so thank you.