One of the most common contributors to low mood or mood shifts is negative thinking.  The 10 questions below are designed to help you explore the thoughts you are having either about yourself or about a situation that you are in.  In particular, they will help you to assess whether your thinking is overly negative or critical.  One way to help people to improve their mood is to help them develop a compassionate voice.  Start to think about the role that your thinking has in shaping your mood, and whether you are able to show any more kindness or compassion towards yourself.

1. Do I think like this ALL the time?  If not why am I thinking like this now?

2. If my best friend / daughter thought like this what would I tell them?

3. If my best friend knew I was thinking like this what would they say to me?

4. If I told someone I was thinking like this would they say I was being fair or that I was being harsh on myself

5. Would I speak to someone else like I am speaking to myself?  If not what would I say to them

6. If I was being kinder to myself what might I say?

7. Are there any positives that I am discounting?  What positives about myself or my life can I remind myself of?

8. Is there any advantage to speaking to myself as I am?  What other language could I use?

9. 5 years from now  how will I look back on this situation, how important will it be to me then?

10. Am I blaming myself for something over which I have little control?  Are there any other influences over this situation that I might be discounting?

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