Our Team

Dr Bryony Bamford

Specialist Clinical Psychologist, The London Centre Founder BSc (hons), DClinPsy

Dr. Bryony Bamford

Specialist Clinical Psychologist

BSc (hons), DClinPsy

Dr. Bryony Bamford is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist, registered with the British Psychological Society and Health Professions Council. Dr Bamford has been working with eating disorders for over 10 years, having previously been based at an NHS eating disorder service in London for 6 years before founding the London Centre for Eating Disorder and Body Image. Dr. Bamford is an honorary senior research fellow at St. Georges, University of London where she has been involved in developing specialist treatments for severe anorexia nervosa. Bryony was co-author on the book ‘Bulimia, Binge-Eating and their Treatment’ (Sheldon Press, 2010), which was awarded ’highly commended’ in the 2011 Medical Sciences Awards, and currently has two other books on the treatment of eating disorders in preparation. Bryony has lectured and presented at conferences internationally and is regularly involved in teaching and training of students and clinicians. Since qualifying as a clinical psychologist in 2007 Bryony has undertaken specialist training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy along with a number of other therapeutic approaches. She is able to draw from her training in Specialist Supportive Psychotherapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Mentalisation Based Therapy, Schema Therapy, Cognitive Analytical Therapy and Family Based Treatment to recommend and deliver a number of different therapeutic approaches. She says of her clinical style: ’I believe in integrating evidence based therapy (what we know works) with individual needs and preference (what works for the individual). Forming a strong, comfortable and trusting alliance with everyone I work with is at the centre of all the work that I do.


Dr Heather Naylor

Senior Clinical Psychologist, BA (hons), DClinPsy

Dr. Heather Naylor

Senior Clinical Psychologist,

BA (hons), DClinPsy

Dr. Heather Naylor is a highly specialist Clinical Psychologist, registered with the British Psychological Society and Health Professions Council. Dr Naylor has been working with eating disorders for over 10 years, having worked at 2 NHS eating disorder services in London. She has been involved in research into excessive exercise as well as eating disorders in pregnancy and new mums.  Dr. Naylor regularly teaches and trains both students and clinicians.  Having trained predominantly in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, she has also received specialist training in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Schema Therapy, Compassion Focussed Therapy and Cognitive Analytical Therapy.  Heather typically uses CBT strategies in her work because of its strong evidence base in helping people recover from eating disorders, but she integrates this with other therapeutic approaches in order to meet the needs and preferences of the person she is working with.

Dr Nicole Gideon

Specialist Clinical Psychologist, BSc (Hons), DClinPsy

Dr. Nicole Gideon

Specialist Clinical Psychologist

BSc (Hons), DClinPSy

Dr Nici Gideon is a Specialist Clinical Psychologist. Nici completed her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the University College London and is a registered practitioner with the Health Professions Council. She has experience of working in inpatient and community settings with people experiencing a wide range of eating difficulties.
In addition to offering therapy at the London Centre, Nici works in a community NHS service for people with eating disorders and their families in London. She is trained in specialist and evidence based treatments for individuals with eating disorders, such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy – Enhanced (CBT-E) and MANTRA, a specialist therapy for people suffering from anorexia nervosa. In her NHS role, Nici also delivers family treatment for eating disorders to support young people and their families.
Before specialising in supporting people with their eating and body image difficulties, Nici provided psychological therapy for people with depression, low self-esteem and a wide range of anxiety disorders, such as panic disorder, OCD, social anxiety, health anxiety and body dysmorphia.
Nici believes in offering evidence-based treatments as well as respecting a person’s right to an individually tailored therapeutic approach. To enable this, she draws on other therapeutic models, such as acceptance and commitment, compassion focused and dialectical behaviour therapy. It is important to Nici to build a trusting and respectful therapeutic relationship to safely explore and understand the presenting difficulties and ultimately empower the person to make the desired changes in their life.


Dr Joanna Harvey

Counselling Psychologist, BA (Hons), MSc, DPsych (tbc)

Dr. Joanna Harvey

Counselling Psychologist

BA (Hons), MSc, DPsych

Joanna completed her doctoral training in Counselling Psychology at City, University of London, in 2016. During this time, she spent two years on specialist placement with the Maudsley Hospital Eating Disorders Service. Currently, Joanna works at the Vincent Square Eating Disorder Service, delivering evidence-based psychological therapies in both an inpatient and outpatient setting. She has completed training in the Maudsley Model of Treatment for Adults with Anorexia Nervosa (MANTRA), as well as having extensive experience of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT) for the treatment of a wide range of eating disorders. In addition to her clinical work, Joanna has carried out research into Orthorexia Nervosa and the role of identity in eating disorders.

Joanna also has experience of working in primary care settings, treating depression, anxiety, panic attacks and relationship difficulties from an integrative approach. Additionally, her previous experience includes long-term psychodynamic psychotherapy for personality disorders and relational difficulties. Prior to undertaking her doctoral training in Counselling Psychology, Joanna worked in corporate communications. This initially sparked her interest in working with burn-out and helping clients to achieve a greater sense of balance and wellbeing in their lives.

In her clinical work, Joanna describes herself as a relational practitioner. She takes an integrative approach to therapy, drawing on her knowledge of different theoretical models to meet the needs of the individual and engender change. Whilst her practice is informed by evidence-based therapies, Joanna prizes the therapeutic relationship and endeavours to create a safe and supportive space for her clients to explore their difficulties.


Dr Sukhi Ruprai

Specilaist Clinical Psychologist, BSc, DClin Psy

Dr. Sukhi Ruprai

Specialist Clinical Psychologist

BSc (Hons.), DClin Psy

Dr Sukhi Ruprai is a HCPC registered Clinical Psychologist. Sukhi completed her Professional Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the University of East London. In addition to the London Centre, Sukhi works in an NHS community Eating Disorders Service with both adults and young people. In this role Sukhi is trained in Enhanced Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and MANTRA, as well as being able to offer Systemic Therapy to families, for a range of eating difficulties. She has a particular interest in attachment theory and often draws on this when conceptualising the people she is working with. Sukhi likes to take an integrative approach to therapy and endeavours to work creatively and think systemically.

Previously Sukhi has worked in various clinical settings both inpatient and community and has experience of delivering a variety of psychological approaches including; Dialectal Behavioural Therapy, Narrative Therapy, and Mentalisation Based Therapy. She has worked in primary care services providing psychological therapy for people struggling with depression, anxiety disorders, low self-esteem and gender identity issues.

Sukhi holds a personal interest in working with communities that find it hard to access services and is aware of the impact of stigma, discrimination, and marginalisation. Having observed the detrimental effects labels can have on people, she is tentative when talking about diagnoses and is aware of the power of language. While delivering evidence-based treatment, Sukhi also strongly believes in working collaboratively and promoting service user involvement where possible, so people can lead meaningful lives while coping with their mental health difficulties.


Dr Emily Cudworth

Counselling Psychologist, MA (Hons), DClinPsy

Dr. Emily Cudworth

Specialist Counselling Psychologist

MA (Hons), DClinPSy

Dr Emily Cudworth is an HCPC registered, BPS chartered counselling psychologist. Having completed her MA (hons.) in Psychology at St. Andrews University, she then went on to complete her Professional Doctorate in Counselling Psychology at the University of Manchester. Emily worked within a specialist eating disorder and weight management team in Manchester for two years, and then at the South London and Maudlsey specialist eating disorder NHS team before starting a full time position at The London Centre. Emily has extensive experience of working with clients with eating disorders including anorexia, bulimia, BDD, and compulsive/binge eating disorder. She has also worked within primary care services giving her experience of working with many related comorbidities such as anxiety disorder, depression, bereavement, social phobias, panic disorder, OCD, self-esteem and identity issues. Emily considers herself to be an integrative practitioner; she has trained in a variety of different psychological approaches, including CBT, IPT, mentalisation-based therapy, narrative therapy, acceptance-commitment therapy, and compassion-focused therapy. More recently Emily has completed training in MANTRA (Maudsley Model of Treatment for Adults wit Anorexia), and attachment narrative therapy at the bowlby centre. She is also currently completing training in schema therapy and is enrolled on the foundation course at the institute of psychoanalysis. Emily says of her clinical style “As a scientist-practitioner, it is my professional commitment to adhere to the NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) guidelines with particular diagnoses. That being said, my intention when working with clients is to hear their unique stories, and what they bring to the therapeutic room as an indiosyncratic individual, rather than pathologising. This means that I don’t like to put people into a bracket or pigeon hole, sometimes putting aside the theories and simply connecting”.


Amy Chisholm

Specialist Clinical Psychologist, PG Dip Clin Psyc, PG Dip CBT, MA (Psyc)

Amy Chisholm

Specialist Clinical Psychologist

PG Dip Clin Psyc, PG Dip CBT, MA (Psyc)

Amy Chisholm is an HCPC registered specialist Clinical Psychologist. Amy is an experienced therapist having worked in mental health and the eating disorders field for twelve years. Amy has worked as a Clinical Psychologist in specialist eating disorders services for four years and currently works in a London NHS eating disorders service, alongside her private work at The London Centre. Previously Amy worked in adult community mental health where she helped people to overcome problems such as depression, anxiety, and trauma. In addition to her Clinical Psychology qualification, Amy has completed a postgraduate diploma in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and is completing a practitioner qualification in Cognitive Analytic Therapy. Amy works as an integrative practitioner and in working with you the priorities will include building a trusting relationship, hearing your story and helping to make sense of what is keeping you stuck, and using this to find the most effective way forward.


Specilaist Clinical Psychologist, BSc, DClin Psy

Dr. Rachel Loomes

Specialist Clinical Psychologist

BA (hons), MSc, DClin Psy

Dr Rachel Loomes is a Clinical Psychologist registered with the Health and Care Professions Council. Rachel studied Psychology at Oxford University before undertaking her doctoral training at University College London (UCL). She has worked with adults and children with eating disorders across both outpatient and inpatient settings in the NHS and has been involved in research evaluating treatments for Anorexia Nervosa. Alongside her private work at the London Centre Rachel currently works at the National & Specialist Eating Disorder Service at the Maudsley Hospital in South London, working with young people and their families. Rachel primarily uses a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) model when approaching how to overcome problems with eating and body image concerns. Additionally Rachel also draws on other therapeutic models including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Systemic Therapy and Mindfulness to ensure that treatment fits the needs and goals of the individual. As a psychologist Rachel values being warm, open and collaborative with her clients and believes in focusing on their strengths in order to explore how they can bring about change and move forward.



Dr Rebecca Ramsden

Specialist Clinical Psychologist, MSc (Distinction), DClinPsy


Dr Rebecca Ramsden

Specialist Clinical Psychologist

MSc (Distinction), DClinPsy

Rebecca Ramsden is a HCPC registered Specialist Clinical Psychologist having completed her doctoral level training at the University of Hertfordshire in 2015. Having previously worked with the Eating Disorders Team at St George’s, University of London supporting research into treatment approaches for chronic Anorexia Nervosa, Rebecca has more recently been working within Obesity and Bariatric services, providing individual assessment and intervention for a wide range of eating and body image concerns. Rebecca has been involved in the development of several short ten individual and group-based interventions within Obesity and Bariatric services, aimed at supporting individuals to address difficulties with emotionally-driven overeating and binge eating. In her clinical work, Rebecca predominantly draws on Specialist Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. However, she may also incorporate elements of other approaches as needed, including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness approaches and Narrative Therapy. Rebecca believes that a key priority for effective treatment is building a trusting and supportive relationship with those with whom she works; enabling individuals to bring about change that matters to them over time. ’


Christina Stiels

Specialist Dietitian BSc (hons)

Christina Stiels

Specialist Dietitian

BSc (hons)

Christina Stiels is a registered specialist dietitian. She finished her Degree in Nutrition & Dietetics over 10 years ago at the University of Leuven in Belgium. Christina has extensive experience of many aspects of dietetics: paediatrics, adults, sports nutrition, mental health and acute inpatient work. She has worked within the specialist field of eating disorders throughout her career across a number of different in and out-patient settings. Christina also works within a Paediatric NHS setting where she manages complex allergies and intolerances and works to create individualised meal plans according to different pathologies. As a specialist dietitian, Christina will guide you to better understand what nutrients your body requires. Alongside the team at The London Centre she will work with you to construct an individualised plan to ensure that your body is given the nutrients it demands whilst meeting your overall health or weight goals. Anxiety regarding diet and weight can have a huge impact on families, social events and relationships. Together, you will set achievable goals and work towards meaningful behaviour change.

Áine Loi

Occupational Therapist, BSc (hons)

Áine Loi

Occupational Therapist

BSc (hons)

Áine has been an occupational therapist since qualifying from Oxford Brookes University in 2006, and is currently undertaking an MSc in Eating Disorders and Clinical Nutrition at University College London. Áine has worked in hospital and community settings in the NHS and private sector. Áine specialises in eating disorders, and can work with individuals with diagnoses such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, or binge eating disorder. The role of an occupational therapist is to enable people to live their lives to the full, by providing practical advice and techniques. Áine can work with you to improve structure and routine in daily life, and to increase your independence with eating outside the home, or preparing for a social occasion. This may include practical sessions in the community with Áine’s support, and can help you to build your confidence in these challenging areas. It may be possible to arrange sessions in your home, practising the whole process of creating a meal plan, visiting the supermarket, and cooking and eating a balanced meal. Áine can also assist you with securing paid or voluntary work, or returning to work after some time off. This can include assistance with job searches, applications and interview techniques. Áine may work with clients if they feel they have had a lot of therapy already and would be interested in a different approach or following or alongside therapy to tackle specific feared or challenging situations.